Hành Chính Nhân Sự

Mã hồ sơ: 183622
Họ tên: Võ Thị Hoàng Bích
Giới tính: Nữ Ngày sinh: 19/08/1991 (32 tuổi)
Hôn nhân: Độc thân Quốc tịch Việt Nam
Địa chỉ: 33, Đường 47, p bình Thuận Q7
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Mô tả hồ sơ

Ngành nghề Hành chính / nhân sự / văn phòng » Hành chính
Vị trí Hành Chính Nhân Sự
Nơi làm việc Hồ Chí Minh - Quận 7
Hình thức làm việc Dài hạn
Mức lương mong muốn 10 - 15 triệu
Kinh nghiệm 5 năm Cập nhật 05/09/2020

Mục tiêu nghề nghiệp

I am keen to continue my career in a profesional work environment to develop my
experience, knowledge and skills as well as contribute to the company ‘s success.
Learn more things when working in multinational companies to accumulate much
experience, developing my skill further, to gain a knowledge for future promotion

Kỹ năng bản thân

Strong with Microsoft offices (Excel, Microsoft Word and the other)
-Communication English (intermediate)
-Understand the business
-Communication skills: beautiful appearance of listening and speaking correct comments at
-Skill work: group work skills quite well, know the Organization arranged the work
scientifically, can collaborate with multiple people working or doing the reading.
-Spiritual work diligence, patience, positive initiative, work pressure and had a high sense of
responsibility, carefully and want to stick long.
-Spiritual, creative, inquisitive easily adapt to the new environment

Ngoại ngữ:

Tiếng Anh: tốt

Kỹ năng tin học:

MS Word: tốt
- MS Excel: sử dụng thành thạo
- Kỹ năng tin học: Thành thạo máy tính, tin học văn phòng,.....

Học vấn bằng cấp

Đã từng

university bachelor

Nơi đào tạo: Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh city

Chuyên nghành: Finance - Banking Cetificate of Tax Declaration

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

(5 năm)
6/2018 - 8/ 2020

Payment Accounting and Human Resources

Công ty: ViCo Quang Tri Investment and Mineral Joint Stock Company

Mô tả công việc:

C&B Executive:
- Calculate attendance for employees, workers and payroll end of month
- Responsible for writing labor contracts: probation contracts, official labor contracts, renewal
- Execute monthly payroll: checking atttendance, wage, piece wages, bonus, overtime, salary
advance, fringe benefits, allowances, and calculate the bonus for yearly based on work
performance, piece wages.
- Responsible for making declaration social insurance: make monthly reports, solve social
insurance regimes: pension, labor accidents, maternity, sick leave, survivor benefit.
- Support declare PIT monthly and PIT yearly finalization report: registering employee tax
codes, dependent family allowances, payslip.
- Advice/or explain all employee's questions concerning to Social, Medical, Unemployment
- Assist in the recruitment process
- Caculate and make finalization of Personal Income Tax for all employees
- Control over attendance data, consolidate info from functional managers for the monthly payroll
(Incentive, OT, pay rise, other changes). Make sure monthly payroll precisely and on time.
- Following, updating internal database and personnel profiles.
※ Accountant
- Subscribe to cash funds, the transaction with the bank, bank deposits, write checks, and last
month authorizations obtained banking subsidiary ledgers.
- Coordinate repairs legal documents and contracts
- Make loan agreement from bank, check account bank
- Issue VAT invoice, track invoice , support to report tax every quarterly
- Provide copies of documents to the tax consultants and settlement reports.
- Tracking of debt and debt collection of customers
- Draft contract of sale or liquidation and acceptance
- Update the prices of the suppliers in time to report to their superiors.
- Monitor the existence of import goods on Excel file.

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